To Show God’s Faithfulness and Love

WednesdayDecember 20, 2017Matthew 11:25-30

20At a Wednesday night Bible study session sometime in 2017, my husband was struck by the thought that when Jesus came to earth to show us God, He really changed His status from “powerful and glorious” to “lowly and human”! What a step down! What a change in identity! He had to find new ways of relating, coping, speaking, serving, showing love . . . as much as He was still fully God, He was now fully human and it can’t have been easy!

This got me thinking about several times in my life when I changed status and identity –20s and how difficult it was, and maybe still is. There was the time in the ‘80s when we were visiting my hometown and passed by the old home place, only to find it torn down, black-topped, and a used car lot in its place! I felt such a sense of sadness, like I was suddenly an orphan or that I had never existed, since all signs of my youth were gone. . . . Then there was another time in the ‘80s when for the first time I was confronted with the fact that God’s people don’t always behave like, well, like god’s people! That really confused me and was a real death of innocence for me! In 2001 my husband retired from full-time ministry for health reasons – he had to readjust his understanding of his “Call” – and I lost my 35 year identity as “preacher’s wife.” In 2006 there was his heart attack which greatly changed our lifestyle. In 2008 there was my diabetes diagnosis, which seemed to immediately snatch any sense of control that I had felt over my life and the effects are still felt today. Also, somewhere during that time we gave up our rental house (and our independence) and I was suddenly no longer “the lady of the house,” the “chief- nurturer,” the “one who held the family together,” so to speak! In retrospect, that was the most difficult change of identity of them all.

But you know what has never changed? It is my identity/status as a Child of God! I have been through tears and fears and loss of control, but these trials taught me what is really important in life. I have learned that no matter what happens Jesus is always there to intercede for me, to put words into my prayers, to continually guide me to final victory, and to prove that nothing can separate me from God’s love!

This is why Jesus came at Christmas – so we could have a relationship with God that will never end; and I am passing that message on!

Heavenly Father, when all is said and done it is only You that is important. You have given me identity in Yourself so that I am never alone, never forgotten, never forsaken and ALWAYS a CHILD OF THE KING! I praise You, O God, for all Your blessings toward me. Thank you so much! Amen.


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