Come Right In!

March 13, 2017 – Monday
Read:  Hebrews 10:19 – 23, TLB
Focus:  v. 22, TLB

“. . .let us go right in to God himself, with true hearts fully trusting him to receive us, because we have been sprinkled with Christ’s blood to make us clean, and because our bodies have been washed with pure water.”

We were discussing early one morning how hard it must have been to live under the system of laws and sacrifices. Seems like, it might just consume your days and hours, in planning and carrying out all that you were required to do for your salvation from sin. Those who were really serious about pleasing God would try their best, but their best would never be good enough to totally please a holy God. God knew that, of course, and so He set a plan in motion that at just the right time would cancel this old system in favor of a far better one! When Christ gave Himself to God as a sacrifice for our sins (as one perfect sacrifice for all time) we were forgiven and made clean! No more sacrifices are needed and now we can walk right into the presence of God with true hearts and complete trust that He will receive us!

Today, on this side of the Cross, we can spend all the time we want in His presence, praising Him and making our needs known – and receiving His grace and provision for our daily living! This is such a privilege we have – and I have had many periods of time when it saved my “sanity” and restored my hope. You may be going through such a time, even as you read this. Do not be afraid to go before Him and place yourself totally in His arms of love. He knows you, loves you, and longs to give you His peace and strength – and He will give you all the time and attention you need for your healing!


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