Day 25 – A Song in the Night

Wednesday – December 21, 2016

Read: Psalm 77:1-12
Focus: vss 5-6
 “I keep thinking of the good old days of the past, long since ended. Then my nights were filled with joyous songs. I search my soul and meditate on the difference now.”

For many years I have not enjoyed good, restful nights of sleep. The pattern differs, but each night I spend hours of sleeplessness preceded or followed by times of sleep. During the awake hours I have learned to sing songs to Jesus, pray through my prayer lists, discuss my fears and trials with Him, recall scripture, etc. There has been a real sense of closeness and release in these times, and that keeps me going spiritually in the rough stretches. I often awake with a song in my heart and an immediate sense that I must share it for the benefit of some (or many) of my friends and family.

Many times I had wished (like Paul) that this thorn of sleeplessness might be removed from me so that I could feel healthier and more rested in the mornings. About a month ago I began sleeping through the night and I was so thankful, at first, until I realized how lost I was without those “songs in the night,” and the meditations and talks that accompanied them! I miss them and I miss that special touch that I received each dark night. The Psalmist and I have something in common. He, too, wondered if the loss of songs in the night meant that God had possibly forsaken him. Both of us, however, were able to remember the many miracles he has done for us, and to realize that these deeds were always in our thoughts because of the many joyous night songs!

When David shared this experience it became a way to help others in their own dark nights. God has not left us in our struggle to live for Him. He is always present – watching and loving. If today you are walking in sunlight, then praise His name! If today you are walking through a storm, then praise His name! If your nights are sleepless, praise His name and thank Him for all His miracles and that He keeps the night watch for you and for me.



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