Day 20 – Shine God’s Light

Friday – December 16, 2016

Read: Matthew 5:14-16
Focus: verse 16
“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven..”

Let your light shine. This makes me think of our Sunday school kids. Over the last year, as they have been learning about missions through WKFM, this has been the main focus and scripture.

Every month, before we start the lesson, the kids get out the flashlights Ina has provided and they prepare to sing “This Little Light of Mine.” We turn off the overhead lights, they turn on their flashlights, and the fun begins. We sing about letting our lights shine, not hiding them under a bushel, not letting Satan blow them out, shining them all over Red Cloud, and shining them till Jesus comes. I know this may sound like it is a normal Sunday school experience, but I am reminded that it has a big impact even if we are not seeing it at that moment.

Several months ago I had the father of one of our kids tell me that he had found his son singing this song at home. I was surprised by this because quite often I am not sure if this little guy is picking up anything we try to share with him. It reminds me that this verse tells us to shine our light before others that they may see. We don’t know who is watching us or what they are picking up from what we say and do. This means that we need to pay attention to what kind of a light we are shining and be intentional about the message we are giving to the world. We want our actions to glorify God, not give people the wrong idea about Him.

God sent His light into the darkness of this world so that light and truth could shine. He sent His light to dispel the darkness of sin and bring light back into our lives. I feel very blessed that God cared enough to give us the gift of His light. It makes me aware that I need to be letting His light shine through me to a world that has drifted so far from Him. We can’t let darkness win. We can’t hide our lights under a bushel or let Satan get us down and blow our lights out. We need to shine everywhere we go, shine all over Red Cloud and shine till Jesus comes again.

I pray this Christmas that you will feel the Lord’s light in your life and that you will let it shine brightly to all you encounter.



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