Day 15 – Seed for the Sower

Sunday – December 11, 2016

Read: 2 Corinthians 9:6-15
Focus: vs 10
10 Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.

Seeing the great piles of harvested corn around our area this year shows that we have reaped an abundant harvest. That harvest doesn’t happen without first scattering the seed. This is the time when the hard work and dedication of the farmer finally pays off. The grain is in, the bills can be paid, and the heavy machinery can be cleaned and put away as we settle in for winter. I am reminded, this time of year, how much we need our American farmers and ranchers to feed us and the much of the world. They have sown generously and reaped an abundant harvest.

Our scripture passage in 2 Corinthians has so much to say about using the blessings of God and why he blesses us so abundantly. Verse 6 establishes the basic concept for us: Sow sparingly and you will reap sparingly; sow generously and you will reap generously. Verse 8 applies that principle to abounding in good works: God will bless you abundantly so you can abundantly bless others. Verse 10 reminds us of the One who supplies seeds to the sower. The seeds are the blessings of God and you are the sower. The rest of the passage refers to this “indescribable gift” that God gives when he blesses you. God blesses you -> you bless others -> others bless you with their prayers and bless God with their thanks.

Here in the heartland of America we know a little about abundant harvests and how much they bless others. God wants us to take this principle of the harvest and apply it to how we live for him. God blesses for a reason. We’ve already mentioned how the holiness God is working out within us will naturally work itself out in the world through good works. With God’s heart we will see the needs of the world around us and let God’s blessing flow through us to others.

God has blessed you so that you can bless others. Have you considered how you can reap a generous harvest for God this Christmas season? Have you considered how you can build this principle into your everyday life? I would encourage you to stop and pray about that now. Ask the Lord of the Harvest to teach you this principle and show you the ways you can reap a generous harvest for Him. Now, go and generously scatter that seed!



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