Day 9 – For His Highest Purposes

Monday – December 5, 2016

Read: 2 Timothy 2:20-21
Focus: vss 20-21
Day 9.png
“If you stay away from sin you will be like one of the dishes made of purest gold – the very best in the house – so that Christ Himself can use you for His highest purposes.”

In our scripture today, Paul talks about living in such a way that Christ can use us for a higher purpose. When I entered my sophomore year of college, a dialogue began between me, God, and a senior ministerial student. It started out with my statement that “the last thing I want to be is a minister’s wife!” I arrived at that decision because I had seen the horrendous schedule of the Pastors’ wives in my local church – often carried out with little thanks and some opposition. In God’s providence I became friends with several ministerial students who took it upon themselves to point out that the only life of happiness was one lived in God’s will and favor. If that included being a missionary, or a janitor, or a pastor’s wife, then I had better say yes – or settle for a life out of fellowship with God! Heavy stuff, right? But it took me all year to arrive at a “Yes, Lord, yes” attitude. When that was finalized I sort of relaxed because those friends graduated and then I could safely say that I did not know any would-be ministers – that is, until 2 years later, when I tried out that line on a date and got a, “well, now you do!”  – and the rest is history! Because I chose to be my best for God, He has been able to use me for many years, and in many different ways, to accomplish His purposes. I can really think of no higher and better job than the one He graciously gave to me.

We all want to feel useful and if our life can be spent helping others to find their place in God’s plan, then we have truly served them and Him well. Is that your desire today?



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