Day 3 – Never Perish

Tuesday – November 29, 2016



Read: Esther 9:22-28

Focus: vss 27-28

“It would be an annual event from generation to generation, celebrated by every family throughout the countryside and cities of the empire, so that the memory of what had happened would never perish from the Jewish race.”

I love that we are told to celebrate many different times in a year, either by God, or in a mandate by the Jewish people. These celebrations remind us of our need for joy, our need to praise God, to remember what He’s done for us, and how He’s delivered us! Because this Feast of Purim was to be an annual event, for always, this miraculous intervention by God will never be forgotten.

Our lives are all so busy these days – running to and fro and just trying to keep our heads above water, the Evening News depresses us, loved ones get sick or die, money runs out. . . but in the midst of all this, God steps in and reminds us of His past and present blessings! He calls us to praise Him again as we remember His deliverance, His love, His mercy, His salvation. I find my heart so heavy sometimes that I almost forget how to praise Him, then along comes a celebration, a holiday, an occasion to come away and focus again on His wondrous works in our lives. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter – these holidays especially give us an extra opportunity to share with the whole world how it is that we serve a living and caring God. Would we be so bold and so quick to witness were it not for the celebration?

I thank God for this gift of mandated celebrations – times when we can refresh, reflect, and renew our love to God and our service to others as we step outside ourselves and renew our focus. This Christmas of 2016, thank God for the joy to be found in giving to others. Celebrate and sing and be “in community.” Don’t let the memory of His sacrifice perish from our race.



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