Day 2 – Riches Are for Giving

Monday – November 28, 2016

Read: Luke 12:32-34

Focus: vs 34


“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

In Luke’s Gospel, chapter 12, verses 32 – 34, Jesus is sharing about an important principle for His followers. The principle is that worry or fear need have no place in the equation of the Christian’s life. Back in verse 28 Jesus indicates that lack of faith is at the root of worry and fear. Thus worrying about things we need shows lack of faith in an almighty God.

When I experienced my heart attack in 2006 one of the EMTs said something that has stuck with me ever since. He said, “Sir, you are having a heart attack but we want you to relax and let us take care of you.” My response was simply, “Okay.” The point is that I did just that. I did not worry about the heart attack but instead focused on just doing what I could to keep calm. Actually, what that young man didn’t know was that I had already turned the whole situation over to my heavenly Father. I was able to relax because I had no worries. It was all in God’s hands. No worry means, no fear of consequences.

Jesus simply carried that over into his remarks about possessions and needs. In fact, back in chapter 11 we find Luke’s rendering of the prayer Jesus taught His disciples. “Give us this day our daily bread”, is a prayer for God’s provision of our daily needs. Our verses for today remind us that beyond even that He gives that we might give. He pours out blessings that we might pour out blessings. The result: A treasure in heaven far greater than any we could ever amass here on earth – even if we were a Donald Trump!

This all appears to be beyond many who believe they are walking as Jesus did so are therefore not needed in this particular loop of God’s preference. Purses are meant to hold our possessions but Jesus seems to indicate that purses that will not wear out do not do so because they are not being used. The things we receive from God are meant to be given to others. This basically means things are unimportant because we have been given the kingdom. The economy of heaven is different from that of earth. Treasures laid up in heaven are the result of the good deeds done in God’s name here on earth. That is where your treasure is.



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