Be the Gift – 2016 Advent Devotional Series


Each year we like to put out a new devotional book during special seasons in the Church. This series is for the Season of Advent leading to Christmas. Our hope is that we can move in one direction together, as we follow God’s leading during this time. We’ve also noticed that spending devotional time with God every day is a good habit to form. A new habit can be formed in a just a few weeks if you’re diligent, then it will become like second nature. Consider this a great time of the year to establish that habit in your life. Reading the Word of God and spending time with Him in prayer and study can have a tremendous and positive effect on your life!

This year our theme is “Be the Gift.” Over and over the Bible calls us to serve others as we do good works in the world. We are reminded that we are God’s workmanship, created to do good works (Ephesians 2:10) and that without works, our faith is dead (James 2:17).  Good works are the natural outflow of the holiness God is working to create in us. In other words: as new creations, good works should be a sign of what God is doing in our lives.

The devotionals have been written by Pastor Dan (PD), Pastor Rowland (ROW), Marj. Benedict (MAR) and Stacy Benedict (STA). Each devotional has the writer listed after it so you don’t have to guess.

Christmas is the time of year that we celebrate the greatest gift that could ever be given: Jesus. So this year, like the Wise Men who came from the East, we are here to give a gift to Jesus – the gift of good works as we serve others in His name. We hope this Christmas season is merrier than any you’ve had before and that God will be able to use you to share the gift of Jesus with the world. Be the Gift this Christmas!

Pastor Dan



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