Day 43 – A Lakeside Appointment

Wednesday – March 23, 2016

Day 43 – John 21:1-14 lakeside

Focus: vs. 12

12 Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” Now none of the disciples dared ask him, “Who are you?” They knew it was the Lord.

Lee Strobel is most known for his book The Case for Christ. He was trained in journalism and law and has the amazing testimony of going from Atheist to Christian. After his wife, an agnostic, accepted Jesus, Strobel thought he was in trouble. He went to church one Sunday just to see what it was his wife had gotten into and how he could get around it. That day he heard the gospel presented in a way that he could understand and he left still an Atheist but now needing to put all his journalistic and law skills to work debunking this myth. The more he studied the more the evidence in favor of Christianity mounted. Eventually, it got to the point where Strobel, an Atheist and a Skeptic, could no longer deny the truth of Jesus. All he could do was accept the truth he had discovered.

In our scripture for today, John is continuing to build his case for Christ. He’s adding story after story of meetings with Jesus after His resurrection from the dead. John was there at the cross and he saw Jesus die. Now he, and others, are seeing Jesus once more. Jesus calls out to them while they are fishing. They had gone back to what they were doing before they followed Jesus. He asks them if they have caught any fish and they say they haven’t. He tells them to cast again and they catch so many fish they can haul it in. The other gospels say they had to call for help. John recognizes that this is Jesus and tells everyone. Peter is so excited he jumps overboard and swims to the shore ahead of the boat. When they get there they find Jesus with a fire and grilling some fish. He invites them over and they share breakfast together.

John is sharing this story because he wants you to know what he saw with his own eyes. He saw a living Jesus after the crucifixion and he walked and talked with Him. On this occasion he ate breakfast with Him. John wants you to know that Jesus is God, just like He said He was. And this means that Jesus could do exactly what He came to do.

Lee Strobel followed the evidence and it led him to the truth of Jesus, just like John. But it didn’t start with an intellectual endeavor – it started by watching his wife’s life change after finding Christ. He saw what believing in God did and it drew him in for a closer look.

Arguing for the faith doesn’t win a lot of believers. My own journey involved seeing Christ in others and experiencing Him for myself before I put the intellectual puzzle together. I encountered Jesus and accepted Him on faith. Afterwards, I began to see the logic I was so fond of come together. By the end of seminary I could see the perfect logic of the faith. Yet it was my experiences with Christ, which I couldn’t deny, that affixed my gaze on Jesus while I figured it all out.

Your walk with Jesus can draw others to Him. A changed life and a godly attitude are powerful witnesses to the power of a very real God. If you want to lead others to Jesus, just let God work in you and tell your story when you get a chance. You have a powerful witness, just like John.

Prayer Focus: Dear Jesus, thank you for saving me and for changing me. Continue to make me into a better witness for You. Shine through me so that others will see you when they see me. Amen.


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