Day 40 – He’s Alive!

Sunday – March 20, 2016

Day 40 – John 20:1-18 Empty Tomb

Focus: vs. 18

18 Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the news: “I have seen the Lord!” And she told them that he had said these things to her.

I have had the joy of telling my parishioners that a certain parishioner who was at death’s door had rallied and would soon be coming home from the hospital. There was much rejoicing over this change in his status. I remember going to his hospital room and praying for him in quiet tones as he was apparently asleep only to have him softly say at the end of the prayer. “Such joy! Such peace!” I had prayed that the joy and peace of the Savior would be his portion. My spirit was lifted up as I heard those words from his lips. He was conscious and in communication with his Savior!

I can only imagine the joy Mary Magdalene was experiencing when she was able to tell Jesus’ disciples that He was alive. The first one to see Jesus after His resurrection was a woman who had apparently been forgiven of much sin. She was in deep sorrow until she heard the voice of her Savior. Upon recognizing Him she was overjoyed! Even though Jesus’ disciples had trouble believing Mary Magdalene’s words to them it did not diminish her joy in knowing that He really was alive. Don Francisco sang a song titled, “He’s Alive!” which contained the words, “He’s alive and I’m forgiven, Heaven’s gates are opened wide.”

Today is Palm Sunday and, though we already know that Jesus rose from the dead, it is still a good thing to recognize Him as our King and the Prince of Peace. Even more than those early followers of Jesus who shouted glory to God because of Who Jesus really was, we who know Him even more intimately can truly shout for joy because we know that He defeated Satan and made possible our salvation. “Praise Him, Praise Him, all ye little children. God is love, God is love!

Prayer Focus: Praise to You, our Heavenly King! May our praises ever ring! Help us with joy Your praises sing. Thank You, Jesus that you defeated Satan and death. Help us serve You with our best. AMEN.


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