Day 12 – Who Is This Jesus?

Sunday – February 21, 2016

Day 12 – John 7:1-36 Master

Focus: vs. 12

 12 And there was much muttering about him among the people. While some said, “He is a good man,” others said, “No, he is leading the people astray.”

In all John’s Gospel to this point, Jesus has been healing the sick, raising the dead, teaching the people, proving His credentials to all. He even called the religious elite to task for their failures. In today’s passage we discover Jesus sort of listening in on what people were saying about Him.  The results are mixed and no one seems to have gotten the point of Who He really was. It came down to two choices, at least for the man in the street. Choice one – He was a good man. Choice two – He was a deceiver. Jesus did not expose who He was to anyone until after verse 13. Then He began to publicly teach in the temple courts. The rest of the passage details that some, at least, believed Jesus to be the Messiah who was to come. They were definitely divided about this.  All the people, however, were aware that the religious leaders were seeking Jesus to arrest Him. The fact He was publicly teaching in the temple court caused some of them to question the stance of their leaders. Some even tried to detain Him themselves for their leaders but no one was able to lay a hand on Him. This was further emphasized when the Pharisees sent temple guards to arrest Him. Later we discover that they could not arrest Him (see verses 45-46).

I remember going to a local restaurant while we lived in Lincoln, NE (1975-1989) where we discovered a notable person came there often. He would sit by himself in a corner booth and no one would even go near him or bother him. It did not take long for us to remember who he was. We had seen his face often enough on the local television state. It was none other than the head coach of the Cornhusker football team. I will not give his name but I think most all Nebraskans would know who I am speaking about. We refused to bother him as his stance and attitude was such that we knew he wanted his privacy. As long as Jesus went quietly about the city of Jerusalem and did nothing to draw attention to Himself He could do so anonymously. It was when He began to teach in the temple court that He drew attention and was recognized. I suppose that as long as we Christians do nothing to draw attention to ourselves we will be treated in much the same way. Most people just looking at us would not recognize to Whom we belong. It is only when we speak up and take a stand that others recognize who we really are and Whose we really are.

However, to get back to “Who Is This Jesus,” we are reminded that others often do not even recognize Him. Some absolutely do not want anything to do with Him because they do not want to have to change their ways. There are always some who see Him as a good person and others who treat Him as a deceiver, one who is tricking them in some way. Some question His credentials because it would mean having to yield to His authority.

Where are you today? How do you see Jesus? How important is He to you? Have you recognized Him for Who He really Is? Maybe you are ambivalent about Him and say, “I can take Him or leave Him, makes no difference to me.” I don’t know what your stance is unless you have shown that stance by your actions and by your words. Actually Jesus is more than a “good man.” He is the Anointed One of God called by those who believe in and accept Him as the Son of God who came to save His people from their sins. Where are you today? Are you willing to take a stand about Jesus? Do you really believe that he is the Son of God? How would others know about your stand?

Prayer Focus: Lord Jesus, if I have been less forthright about who I believe You are, I ask for your forgiveness. I hear and now confess/testify that You are the Son of God and that you not only came to this world to bring us to the Father but You came to bring ME to a relationship with the Father through You. Thank You for coming as a baby and leading the life You lived and experiencing death that I could have this relationship with God. AMEN.


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