Intro to the Book of John

Gospel of John.pngJohn tells a great story and his gospel is the great story of Jesus. If you love a good story, the gospel of John will not disappoint you. All the gospels share the story of Jesus but John does it differently. Matthew, Mark and Luke are called the Synoptic Gospels while John is singled out as differently. The word “synoptic” means “of or forming a general summary or synopsis.” The Synoptic Gospels have the purpose of reporting the details of Jesus life on earth while John is more reflective of the man called Jesus and the theology of what happened. It is a defense of who Jesus was and is.

John’s account begins with an explanation of the deity of Jesus as he connects him to the act creation and clearly places him as pre-existent with God. John’s assertion is that Jesus is a member of the Godhead and is the creative force – the spoken Word of God. John then goes through a selection of stories, that he personally witnessed, that tell the story of Jesus and back up his claim about who Jesus is. He starts with John the Baptist and ends with a doubting Thomas proclaiming the reality of Jesus as God.

The Gospel of John is incredibly important as it proclaims so much of our theology of Christ (or Christology). While so many of the scholars in our world want to proclaim Jesus as nothing more than a good man and a fine moral teacher worth emulating, John stakes the claim that Jesus is so much more – He is the very Son of God. This is a claim the world must deal with and John, an eyewitness to all the events that unfold in his gospel, offers all the evidence you need to make a decision.

I love the Book of John. It is well written and often lyrical in quality. It’s a great story but it’s more than a fairy tale – it’s the Truth. The world wants you think of it as fiction but John wants you to know that all this really happened and Jesus is exactly who He said He was.


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