My Christmas Gift

Day Twenty-three – 12/22/14 – Monday

Advent-Logo“. . . they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him” (Matthew 2:11a).

I have often wondered why the Magi(Wise Men) went first to Jerusalem.  I suspect that it was because that was where the seat of the kingdom was located and in “their wisdom”  they decided that was where they would find the “newborn ruler over Israel.”  They got off course and were no longer following the star.  Then, even though they had received the prophecy of Micah from the religious leaders, and Herod, they were “overjoyed” when they saw the star again.  I suspect that as night fell while they were on their journey from Jerusalem to Bethlehem (a distance of about 5 miles) the “star” again appeared in the sky and this brought them the confirmation they were on the right road after all.  How many times have we been overjoyed with a confirmation from God that we were on the right road or in the place we were supposed to be.  That confirmation likely did not include a star but possible some other visible recognition that was quite apparent to you, or even a sense of peace or great love that emphasized you were where, or doing what, God desired.

Many times in the years of ministry for God we have received that kind of confirmation.  When we first moved to Nebraska we crossed over the Missouri River and immediately when we reached the Nebraska side we were overwhelmed by a great sense of having come home (and we had never been further west than Winona Lake, Indiana prior to that time).  My wife and I looked at each other with wonder in our eyes that we both felt the same way at the same time.  That was a tremendous gift to us.

However, the important message of our scripture for today is not the gift we received but the gifts that were given.

The Wise Men bowed before the wisest One who ever lived. The three kings, as they are sometimes called, worshiped the infant King. They presented Him with gifts as a part of their worship. What will you give this Christmas? Why not give Him yourself?  What better way to worship Him!

Prayer: O God, this is my gift this Christmas: I give myself to You.


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