An Amazing Story

Day Twenty-five – 12/24/14 – Wednesday

Advent-Logo“. . . all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them” (Luke 2:18).

 Have you ever heard an incredible story that was hard to believe? I was out fishing on a small lake with a friend one day in Mississippi. We were fishing for large-mouth bass and we had a great spot. There was an old tree down in the water and we were tossing our lures in nice an close. Suddenly I felt my line get struck hard and, too my amazement, I saw a beautiful large-mouth bass leap several feet out of the water with my lure firmly attached to his mouth. He leapt several times with wild thrashing at the height of each jump. On the fourth leap everything began to move in slow motion. I watched as that fish thrashed right and then left as the lure came free from his mouth. With his last move, the lure launched right at me like a fast-pitched baseball. I ducked and it spanked off the back our little aluminum boat, just missing my fishing buddy. Does this story sound fanciful? Is it hard to believe? I’ll be honest, the fish gets bigger every time I tell the tale but the story itself is absolutely true.

If we had heard what the shepherds had to say, we probably would have been amazed too. They went off to the see the little baby the Angels told them about and they couldn’t help but share their incredible story. Shepherds were not very high on the social register. Why would God send His angel to them, of all people? They paid attention, and obeyed, which are two very good qualities. Perhaps that’s why God chose them.

The story of how Jesus saved me may sound a little too good to be true to some people. They may think my story is hard to believe, just like the story those shepherds told. But it’s true, Jesus saved me. I’m headed to heaven today because God loved me enough to send His one and only Son to become the sacrifice for my sins. This is what Christmas means to me.

Are you amazed at the story of Christmas? If you’re not, maybe you need to read it again. Today is Christmas Eve. I hope you’re as giddy as your kids with the hope of God’s gift you will celebrate tomorrow morning. It’s there, right under the tree. It didn’t come from Santa, it came from God. Go ahead – open it and be amazed. This one is worth sharing with the world!

Prayer: Father, I bow in amazement at the wonder of Jesus’ birth


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