God Sees You

Advent-Logo“But you, Bethlehem . . . out of you will come a ruler . . . of my people Israel” (Matthew 2:6).

 The Magi had arrived in Jerusalem after a long journey from the east.  It was apparently their assumption that a new ruler would be born in the capitol of the country so it was there they began asking where the new king was who had been born.  This caused some consternation among Herod’s court and likely amongst many of the populace as well.  King Herod finally heard this question and began making some inquiries of his own.  His questioning, however, had a more sinister purpose. Herod was apparently well-versed in the religion of the Jews and went to the best source he could think of to get answers – the religious leaders and teachers.

It does not appear that those religious leaders had any difficulty finding the answer Herod sought and told him of the prophecy from Micah’s scroll, what we know as Micah 5, verse 2, predicting the birth of the Promised One. The prophecy even indicated the town where He would be born – Bethlehem, the city of David. God knows where you were born . . . and where you live. Welcome Him there.

Yes, God knows the place you call home.  Actually, he has known it all the time.  Even more than that, He knows right where you are at this moment.  He has always known.  What you are and where you are is no problem for God.  He hasn’t misplaced you but often we “misplace” ourselves.  We just are not where we ought to be – right in the center of God’s will.  Jesus was definitely NOT welcome in Herod’s kingdom but we are each very welcome in God’s kingdom.  The real question is whether or not we welcome Jesus into our lives and let him become our ruler.  Herod did not but many through the centuries have welcomed Jesus and have allowed Him to be their ruler.  Is the prayer below your prayer today?

Prayer: Father, You are welcome in my life, during Advent and always.


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