The Paths of God

Advent-Logo“He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths” (Isaiah 2:3b).

The season of Advent is like a path that leads us onward until we finally see the truth of the scriptures.  When the prophets and those who heard the earliest announcement of the birth of the Messiah it was in the context of all the prophecies they had heard recounted down through the years.  This enabled the shepherds, for instance, to make the connection between the announcement they heard from the angels and the prophecies they had heard and read.

As a young child growing upon two different farms I often wandered in the woods and fields.  As I did so, I discovered all the trails and logging roads. I could be set down at any point and begin walking and soon I would know exactly where I was in relation to the house and barns. I had walked them so often that I had familiarized myself with them from all different angles. The scriptures are much like that. The more we study and learn them the more we can work out what they are talking about in relation to the rest of the scriptures.  It is very true that scripture explains scripture. When we see it in its context we will understand what it is saying and then apply its truth to our own lives.

We have an advantage today in that we have the complete Bible to draw from.  We also have the Holy Spirit who is with all believers so we are then able to draw the conclusions we need to reach in order to apply the principles in our own lives.  The greatest concept in all of scripture is that God loves all of His creation.  He loves all of us as we are told in John 3:16.  The Bible is His love letter to us and contains all we need to know to live (walk) as He would have us do.  Are you spending enough time traveling through scripture to really know what it is saying for today?

The prophet says God will teach us His ways, which implies we do not already know them. That is true. But what a willing Teacher He is. When we open our hearts to Him, He does not disappoint us. The question is, will we learn the truth of “walk in his paths”?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I open my mind and heart to You. Please teach me your paths.


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