Finding Joy

Advent-Logo“When they saw the star, they were overjoyed” (Matthew 2:10).

 Have you ever lost something important but then found it again after a lengthy search? One year I was carefully stepping through my over-grown garden to check on some squashes. It was getting more and more difficult to walk through without destroying the fast-growing vines. After I was satisfied with the development of the fruits of my labor, I walked out of the garden and back into the house. It wasn’t long before I realized I was missing something important – my cell phone. I liked that cell phone so I began to search high and low for it. It wasn’t in the house and I had a sinking feeling when I realized it must have fallen out of my pocket and into my garden. I called the phone, hoping the ring would guide me to it but, unfortunately, the battery had died. I began to retrace my path through the garden hoping to find it in the thick green growth. It was a needle in haystack – it was a cell phone in a leafy garden. After some time I arrived at the end of my retraced steps through the garden. There I caught the glint of my cell phone deep in the leaves of the squash vines. You can imagine my excitement; I was overjoyed!

The Wise Men lost something important on their journey to find the Christ-child. Apparently, the star disappeared for a time. We don’t know if the nights were cloudy or it disappeared for some other reason. But its reappearance brought them joy. They knew their search was almost over and that star guided them the rest of the way.

The spirit of Christmas is easy to lose. We rush about in our daily lives, adding a whole lot of shopping and planning to our already busy lives. It’s easy to lose sight of Jesus when all we wish for is for the season to end so our lives can get back to normal. I hope that isn’t your life this Christmas. Hang in there, Christmas is right around the corner and there are far more important things than last minute shopping.

The Wise Men sought the birth of our Savior and they found little Jesus in Bethlehem. That’s what we’re celebrating right now. What are you seeking this Christmas? You can find Jesus too when you seek Him with all your heart. Don’t lose the meaning of Christmas in the ribbons and bows of your busy holiday life. Stop and focus on the greatest gift ever found. Christ the Savior is born!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for making it possible to find Your Son Jesus, our Savior


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