Guidance from Above

Advent-Logo“Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews?” (Matthew 2:2a).

 GPS is a wonderful thing. A while back my wife and I had to be in Denver to visit her mother in the hospital. We arrived at rush hour, which was fitting since we were rushing to get there. The problem was that we were in a large and unfamiliar city in the midst of a lot of traffic. It’s always tough to make sure you are in the proper lane for the exit you are looking for. Fortunately we had GPS to guide us to the right spot. A difficult situation was made a little easier by modern technology.

From the east – possibly Persia – the Magi, or Wise Men, came seeking the newborn king. Guided only by a star and their understanding of the heavens, they knew this birth was a momentous occasion. They had to get there. I doubt Bethlehem had much of a rush hour to worry about but their quest was made more complicated by the fact that no one knew exactly where the Messiah had been born. In fact, most people didn’t know He had been born at all. The Wise Men knew. They didn’t have GPS but their source was high in the sky none-the-less.

What are you seeking this Christmas? There’s no GPS available to help you find peace and fulfillment in your life. You can only find true peace and fulfillment in Jesus, the little child born so long ago in Bethlehem. The Wise Men found Him; have you? Maybe you already found Jesus but your life is a mess right now. You’ve misplaced your faith and now you’re wandering the streets of Bethlehem, hopelessly lost. The heavenly guidance you need is only a prayer away.

What are you seeking at this season? Or rather, Whom are you seeking? I hope you find what you’re looking for, this Christmas. You can search for Jesus in the malls and the shopping centers but if you really want to find Him, I suggest you look in the stable – the lowest of places. There you will find God at work and you can be a part of it.

Prayer: O God, we know that in You we find all the things our hearts are seeking.


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