Always Faithful

Advent-Logo“Joseph, a descendant of David” (Luke 1:27b).

 I always had a hard time reading the parts of the Bible where ancestry is listed. What do I care about who begat who? It gets to be nothing more than a long and boring list and the Bible seems to be way more concerned about it than me. My own ancestry is more important to me. It seems every family has a genealogist in their midst. My sister is the one in our family who enjoys looking through all of our ancestors. She doesn’t mind reading about who begat who. I’m interested but not enough to spend a lot of time researching.

The reality is that this history is important. Luke was careful to record Joseph’s ancestry. After all, the promise had been given to David and his ancestors – people like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – that One would come and bless the whole world. That One was Jesus and it was important to be able to prove His lineage in order to prove He was the Messiah. Now when you put it that way, those boring lists of who begat who suddenly come to life.

This is about more than just a list of ancestors. This is about the promises of God. The Messiah had been promised since the book of Genesis and now the time had come. God always keeps His promises. You can count on it.

God keeps His promises to you and me as well. We can trust in His goodness and in His promise. So when Jesus promises to be with you always, even to the end of the age (Matthew 28:20), you can take that promise to the bank. When Jesus promises you there are many rooms in heaven and one is waiting for you (John 14:2), you can believe it all the way. Do you find yourself doubting in God’s goodness when you go through trials? You can trust in the one who always keeps His promises.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to remember, when tempted to doubt, that You are always faithful.


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