Right Where I Am – Monday (12/1/14)

Advent-Logo“The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden” (Genesis 2:15a).

 Over the years I have built several items (bookcases, fences, computer desks-from kits and many other SIMPLE things) and sometimes have looked at the finished product and with a sigh said, “That’s perfect!”  Now I knew that was not quite true because maybe only I knew the imperfections under the surface but it was as perfect as I could make it.

When we look at the whole story of creation we get the picture of God settling back with a satisfied smile on his face and looking at all He had created and then saying the immortal words “And God saw all that he had made and it was very good” (Gen. 1:31, NIV).  I have always had the sense that God was very black and white in his nature so that good is quite simply “good” and bad is quite simply “bad.”  Put another way that would mean that “good” was perfect for God’s purposes.

Another way of looking at things may be similar to when someone builds a structure for a particular purpose and is quite satisfied with the final result.  Perhaps several years later someone else comes along and looks at that structure and declares that changes need to be made to fit his purpose or they come in after there have been several technological innovations that have made the structure archaic.  Quite simply, have you ever tried to install computer networks in a building built many years prior to such technology?  Many times these are buildings with such small crawl spaces under them that they were never intended for a human being to be in them after the floor was put in.  Other times the walls are so thick they are impossible to drill through (like 14 inches of concrete and brick) or they have wire in the plaster which flocks wireless signals from being sent outside the room the transmitter and antenna is in.  Adjustments then have to be made or a new building constructed

Adam and Eve lived in a perfect environment. Sometimes our environment is negative and drags us down, and we may need to change it. But beware of saying, “If I only had a better environment.” A perfect place did not keep Adam and Even from making disastrous choices.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, help me to live for You right where I am.


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