Never Alone – Wednesday (12/3/14)

Advent-Logo“It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” (Genesis 2:18)

 There seems to be a drive built into us that we need someone else to make us complete.  I suppose that part of this is what Augustine referred to as the God-shaped vacuum that is never filled until we allow God into that space.  As human beings it seems we are always looking for a mate and not just any mate but the one who makes us complete.  As a young man I dated several young women (one or two anyway) before God brought across my path THE one who was meant for me.  Believe me when I say that it did not take me long to discover she was THE ONE!  I did not and could not pay attention at first as she was “promised” to someone else but when that relationship ended I wasted no time in asking her out.  After six months of dating (This was not easy on a Christian college campus!) I finally saw the opportunity to ask the QUESTION.  About six months later we were married.  I am not alone anymore.  I found my helper.  Now, forty-nine years later, it is even more true, if possible, than it was back then.

During our forty-nine years together we have raised a family of three, served seven churches in three states, lived in five states, and left both our immediate families yet have never been alone because we had each other AND we always had GOD with us (Emmanuel-God with us).  Now, six grand-children and three great-grand-children later our relationship is better than ever before. We have seen that “God is good – all the time” – and “All the time – God is good.”

God understands the problem of loneliness. He did not want Adam to be lonely. Adam also needed a helper, someone on his level, yet uniquely different. So God created woman. His intent is that we work together to be better than either would be alone.

Prayer: Lord, help me to gain a new appreciation of the wonderful relationship between husband and wife.


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