Christmas Devotions Coming Soon

soft-christmas-bells.pngHi Everyone!

Once again we put out a devotional book for the Season of Advent here at Red Cloud Wesleyan Church. I’m a little late to the party but I do intend to post those devotionals here every day. But first I wanted to tell you about this year’s devotions.

The Wesleyan Church will occasionally give us some good materials to work with at different times of the year. Sometimes we use them, sometimes we don’t. This year’s theme for Advent is “Sent” and each Sunday we are talking about different aspects of God sending Jesus to be born on the earth. This past Sunday we talked about how Jesus was sent as the coming Lord. Along with those materials, headquarters sent us a series of devotional thoughts. It’s been a busy year so I appreciated the fact that I had good starting points for daily devotions. They consisted of a bible verse and a small paragraph of thoughts. So we ran with that idea.

Each devotional comes from that initial kernel of a devotion. We had to expand on the ideas so my father and I wrote devotionals using those thoughts. This means that you will likely find the original words to that devotional thought somewhere in each devotional. I wanted to mention this as a way of giving credit to the original.

Each day I will post that day’s devotional here. On Sundays, I will post the sermon I preached, which is also based on materials sent from headquarters. Once again, the sermon topics they give me have just enough information to get the idea across to me so I take the basic outline and go from there.

I hope you will enjoy the devotions this year! If you want to contact me or leave a comment, I can also email you a PDF copy of the devotions.

I hope your Advent is filled with Christmas hope! Jesus is coming!

Pastor Dan


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