The Power of Love

FutureWe are leaving behind another year as we move on to 2013.  When we start a new year, naturally our thoughts focus on the future.  We’re sure to see plenty about Nostradamus again and it’s not hard to make dire predictions about our economy, the results of our elections and even the end of the world.  Some people think they know what’s going to happen tomorrow but you and I know better than to predict the future.

In January of 1989 former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, was quoted as saying, “More than at any time in history, mankind faces a crossroads, one path leading to despair and utter hopelessness, the other leading to total destruction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.”

anxietyHe could be speaking the same thing today, I think.  When you look toward the future, do you look with anxiety and worry? Frustration? There’s war, it seems, everywhere.  The Arab nations are boiling right now, Israel and Palestine are always at it and North Korea continues to do things that make the world go crazy.  How much snow will we get this winter?  Will we see enough moisture to help make a good growing season in 2013?  What’s going to happen with the economy?  How much are my taxes going to go up and where is our country headed?

At times like this it does our hearts well to read Romans 8:38-39:

The Power of Love - Scripture Logo

As Christians we can and should have a different perspective on the future when we
realize the power of God’s Love.

C. S. Lewis once said,On the whole, God’s love for us is a much safer subject to think about than our love for Him.”

Is there anything that can separate us from His love? Paul’s reply is this: no one, no where, no how.  It’s the power of God’s love.

We need to recognize that the most important thing in a Christian’s life is the love of God – love that gave and still gives life, love that sent His Son to give salvation and love that will never let you go!  Nothing can separate you from this love.

Horsepower is a popular way of talking about power and strength. 1 horsepower is equal to about 746 watts of electrical power.  To put this into perspective, our furnace probably uses around 750 watts to blow hot air into our sanctuary.  Your refrigerator, when it is cooling things down, could run up to 700 watts.  Your average light bulb uses 40 to 75 watts of power.    An electric oven, heating to 350 degrees, will need around 2000 watts.   In fact, it takes around 900 watts just to brew your morning coffee.

fallsNow consider that cars and trucks may produce 150 hp to 500hp or even more.  Do you suppose that’s enough power to separate us from the love of God? Modern trains typically operate with between 4000 and 7000 horsepower – maybe that’s enough? Niagara Falls currently produces about 5 million kilowatts of power in both America and Canada.  That’s about 6,702,413 horsepower and does not fully harness the power available from the Falls.  Surely the power of Niagara Falls is enough to separate us from the love of God, right?

Paul can answer that question for us: Nothing can separate us from the love of God.  This is a comforting thought.  You can approach the new year knowing that, no matter what happens, God loves you.  God is on your side.  God is watching over you.  Go into the New Year knowing that God loves you, and that is a truly awesome and powerful thing.


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